Locker Room Transformation

November 1, 2019

Over the summer we have been working with Scott Flatt, our friend and head basketball coach at Covenant Christian High School, on a special project to transform their locker room. In addition to sprucing up the walls, we wanted something that would inspire and motivate the team, as they enter and exit the locker room.

View of old locker room space as you entered the locker room.
View of old locker room space as you exited.

Starting this summer we tested a number of different products and worked on a number of different design ideas. We landed on our final design on Tuesday. Wednesday, we ordered approximately 35 different images to use within the space. To my surprise they arrived on Thursday and we spent a few hours this morning transforming the space. Below are what it looks like now along with a few videos of the new space.

New view entering the locker room. On the green wall, every player by number in program history is listed and along with every award winner. Under each award is a photo of the most current recipient.
New view as you start to exit the locker room.
New view as you walk out toward the court.
The unveiling to the team! I think they liked it!
Video as you walk from the locker area to the court. The players touch the sign above the door. It is off center due to the door closer arm on the left hand side of the door.

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