Love is in The Air… 36 Stories Up

Chris and Taryn’s Wedding at the Skyline Club in Indianapolis

A few weeks ago, a longtime friend called me to see I could photograph her son Chris’ wedding.  I have known Chris well over half his life through the stories his mom and I would share about our kids. 

I had sworn off doing weddings for the longest time as I was always worried about missing an important shot. I started thinking if I can get a split second shot of a basket or goal in a sporting event, I can definitely do this.  With that confidence in mind, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and took on the opportunity. 

While I love being spontaneous when taking images, I always go into sessions and shoots with a plan in mind and/or on documented.  My planning cycle for this was a little more involved as I studied and researched different locations, ideas, and shots.  Chris and his bride, Taryn’s planning cycle for the wedding was quick and experienced a few bumps as state and local requirement for gatherings continued to shift due to the pandemic.  While they focused on making adjustments, we exchanged a few text messages for ideas and I came up with my shot list and plan.  

I am a little nervous not having met the people I am going to photograph ahead of time, but in this case meeting Chris and Taryn at the canal felt natural and easy.  I arrived a little early and validated the locations where I had already planned to shoot and found a few others (there’s that spontaneity thing again).  We shot at a few locations along the canal and quickly moved to Monument Circle.  After arriving at the Circle, we got a few shots of Chris and Taryn and put together a family group shot.  Unfortunately, in the few minutes it took to finish the group image of both families, it started to rain.  We had planned to take all the family group photos and I had a few epic photos planned out for Chris and Taryn at the Circle.  Luckily my experience with having to adjust while covering other events came in handy and we made the necessary and on the fly adjustments to go to the venue to get family photos completed on time. 

Chris and Taryn above the canal in Indianapolis

After family photos I went around the venue to take candids and we encountered a surprise engagement which I cover in another post. 

One of the biggest things I love to capture is emotion.  My goal is I want someone viewing my images to feel like they are in the moment with me and the image to invoke an emotional response in the viewer.  Weddings are obviously full of emotion and opportunities to capture it, which made the day fun.

I also love to be deeply creative with an artistic approach to creating images. The wedding gave me an opportunity to be creative and try new approaches.  For example, I tried a shot to capture the wedding rings on a window sill with the backdrop of the city below. 

Wedding ring against a rainy Indianapolis downtown backdrop

The venue posed some challenges that I worked through over the course of the day.  Large windows were all around which provided great light but could also pose a challenge when the windows were in the background.  My experience in taking photos in different lighting conditions came in handy.

I also quickly discovered the impact of the DJ’s lighting on images make for some interesting colors cast on my subjects which made for some cool images.

Chris and Taryn dancing with Chris Sr. in the background

Even with the weather, it was a beautiful day for a wedding and the venue with the backdrop of the city was fantastic. As with most photo shoots, there are certainly things you think about later that you would have done differently or tried. In the end, Chris and Taryn have a lasting heirloom of their wedding day that they can share with future generations. I am glad I was there to capture it for them.

In addition to the photos above, some of my favorite photos of Chris and Taryn’s wedding day are reflected below: 

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