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November 1, 2019

Over the summer we have been working with Scott Flatt, our friend and head basketball coach at Covenant Christian High School, on a special project to transform their locker room. In addition to sprucing up the walls, we wanted something that would inspire and motivate the team, as they enter and exit the locker room.

View of old locker room space as you entered the locker room.
View of old locker room space as you exited.

Starting this summer we tested a number of different products and worked on a number of different design ideas. We landed on our final design on Tuesday. Wednesday, we ordered approximately 35 different images to use within the space. To my surprise they arrived on Thursday and we spent a few hours this morning transforming the space. Below are what it looks like now along with a few videos of the new space.

New view entering the locker room. On the green wall, every player by number in program history is listed and along with every award winner. Under each award is a photo of the most current recipient.
New view as you start to exit the locker room.
New view as you walk out toward the court.
The unveiling to the team! I think they liked it!
Video as you walk from the locker area to the court. The players touch the sign above the door. It is off center due to the door closer arm on the left hand side of the door.

As we alluded to in our recent announcement about our new website and business, it has been a very busy summer.

We have spent the majority of the summer working on getting our business in a position to better serve our customers and on a plan to transform it into everything we believe it can be.

We haven’t posted many images on social media but from a photography standpoint took a few breaks to photograph and to try new techniques.

I got very involved in my photography club, The Digital Photo Guild. If you are interested in joining us, please let me know or follow us on Facebook. Our guild spent part of the summer working on entering work in the exhibition at the Indiana State Fair, our racing themed exhibition at the Plainfield Library, planning a few fall outings, and learning from each other in our meetings. Personally, I put together a presentation on useful photography applications, which we will continue to review in greater depth in December’s meeting. We also applied what we learned in my presentation in an astrophotography outing at the end of September. We are planning another outing before the Milky Way disappears from our hemisphere at the end of October.

I was also able to take my niece on an afternoon and evening photography shoot where we went to multiple locations to take nature photos of everything from birds, snakes, dragonflies, and landscapes.

I also spent an evening shooting at the Indiana State Fair with one of my friends from the photo guild.

Now that we are relaunching, I will start to focus more of my effort back on editing and posting photos on our photo site while continuing to improve our website and business.

Thank you all for your patience as we move through this journey together.


A Leap of Faith…..

A leap of faith in 2009 started a major life transformation for me and my family. I was offered an opportunity to start a side business which would allow me to stretch myself personally and my photography skills.

Thanks to everyone who has commissioned or purchased images from us, we were blessed that our leap of faith continued to expand over the past 10 years as I balanced a full-time job along with our side business. We are blessed and extremely grateful to all of you!!

Our lives can be defined by a number of leaps of faith. Every time we listen to God and allow him to guide us through these moments, we are blessed by his favor. Recently another opportunity presented itself to allow us to take another significant leap of faith by expanding our business into a full-time venture.

What’s Next?

These past six months have been spent in prayer, deep thought, and putting everything we had collected in our heads, from conferences and webinars, on Post-It notes, notes in our phone, email drafts, scribbles, and any other way you can jot down ideas and evolving them into a business plan, a new website, and expanded business partnerships and product lines.

When the time was needed to step away from all the planning I was able to teach photography techniques, take additional training, try a few new photography techniques and implement new business practices.

What you are seeing here is only the beginning of our new venture and leap of faith.

We would love your feedback on this new venture and would love to serve your photography needs. We look forward to working with you!

Blessings, Rick

What makes us unique?

Our goal is to provide amazing, unique images and experiences to capture the world God has created for us and to preserve lasting memories and heirlooms for families and generations to come.  

We strive to create lasting relationships with our clients and to support our mission to serve our community through the gifting of photography services and sponsorship dollars to improve our communities and each other.  

Services and Experience

We are a full-service imaging provider having been in business since 2009 and have over 20 years of experience with capturing images. We provide value to our clients through our experiences and ability to creatively express and capture the unique personality of the people we photograph. We have extensive experience with Senior year of high school with both our children and our experience in guiding many families through this very fast and exhaustive year of their child’s life. 

When we say we are full-service we take care of everything for you. We don’t simply take images, provide them digitally, and leave it up to you to figure out what to do with them. While we can do that, we take great care to assist you with locating, creating and delivering products and creating heirlooms for your family or business.

We offer services including senior and family portraiture, business headshots, event photography, sports and teams, and business presence imaging solutions. Business presence imaging is our service line aimed at aiding businesses in updating and expanding their online and printed presence with current and high quality images that showcase their unique brands.

If you don’t see something we offer, please ask as we are open to new possibilities and services.

Our Capabilities

We continue to invest heavily in training and working with multiple professional partners to provide unique and expanded product lines to our clients. We are active in a number of professional groups aimed at expanding our knowledge and the photography industry as a whole. We believe in continual learning and are subscribers to professional photography training services, attend industry conferences to develop our skills and to evolve our product lines, and share our knowledge through education to schools and clubs.

We invest heavily in high-quality equipment and have multiple lighting solution options. Our equipment and experience allow us to to have the organizational capabilities to create many imaging solutions and photography types.   

The labs we utilize for fulfillment are available only to professional photographers and we go through an application process and business review to be afforded the opportunity to utilize these services. 

We offer archival quality print products through our suppliers and are continually looking for new and exciting product lines to enhance our business and the customer experience. Archival quality print products are designed to last hundreds of years and will provide heirlooms for generations to come. 

Please click below to contact us so we can chat about what is possible for you.